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John Studebaker acoustically

By Bobtje Blues - Posted on January 16th, 2008

Not so long ago, I happened to meet John 'Studebaker' Grimaldi. It was one of those conversations one tends to cherish afterwards. I knew John from his work with his regular band, the Hawks, but apparently he also had an acoustic album, a fact that I wasn't aware of. Well, understandably, because his 'Promise Of Love' album (which dates from the year 2000) is only available on his concerts or through his website.

Anyway, back home I realised that I'd completely forgotten to ask for a copy of that album - absent minded as I am. But don't worry, our good friends from distribution company Parsifal were glad to oblige and a few days later I had the CD. To be honest, the result is absolutely beyond my wildest expectations. John grew up in Chicago, played harp when he was seven and took up the guitar in his teens. He's 54 now and this has been a long training school where he obviously learned to completely master both instruments. All songs are his own (he's also a great song writer) and he took care of the production. What started out as a try out for a demo, ended up in a great album, maybe the best he ever did so far. John sings, plays the guitar and blows the harp like I never knew him and what's more... he does it with style!

So I got to know John in a totally different way. As far as I'm concerned, he should at least consider an acoustic tour. I'm absolutely convinced that here in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands, there is an audience waiting to be flabbergasted.

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